Women Have Reinvented the Trap Phone

Welcome to The (Legal) Trap House

Over the last few years, women have dominated the digital era and proven to the world that with the power of social media and a strong wifi connection, you can make legal money (at times, millions of dollars) simply from a cell phone.

Why the hell you gotta trap phone if it don't ring?       Lyric from “Phone” by Rico Nasty

Why the hell you gotta trap phone if it don't ring?

Lyric from “Phone” by Rico Nasty

A trap phone has been infamously known as a prepaid phone used to conduct criminal activity. Yet, over the last few years women have adapted the term and gave it a new meaning. Recently, women such as Supa Cent , Bethany Gaskin, Necole Kane and Courtney Adeleye have been able to generate millions of dollars by using their social media platforms to build profitable brands and products. November 2018, during her Black Friday promotion, Supa Cent recorded the thousands of payment notifications she received within 90 minutes, ultimately equalling over one million dollars. What is the one thing that they have in common, besides being a woman?

It all started from a cell phone.

Social media has empowered women to become entrepreneurs and build business empires and brands. Today, millennial women, having grown up alongside the internet, are aware of how to create and generate value from social media. 

We have worked diligently to find our place in not only this world, but the workplace and the entrepreneur world. There are a disproportionate number of challenges that women still continue to face such as difficulty breaking into male-dominated fields, getting access to mentors, securing proper funding and more.

Despite those challenges, we have still managed to gain encouraging momentum and find a way into the building, even when the door has been closed in our face.

Then something happened.

We no longer needed a way into the building! We discovered that we no longer needed to leave the comfort of our homes. We discovered that all we needed was a strong internet connection, a cell phone and an idea and just like that - women are dominating the digital era, generating millions of dollars from their home (even sometimes from the kitchen, since that’s where most people think we belong anyway) and we are doing it all from - a cell phone.

Women are leading in innovation, women can and women are disrupting male dominated fields. Why? Because the desire to be at a table or in a building that didn’t want to make space for us in the first place, no longer excites us.

We are at tables - our OWN tables, inside of our OWN homes, building million dollar businesses from a wifi connection and an iPhone 8.


Women led niches are creating profitable avenues for women, digitally bringing women together and leveling the playing field. By the click of a button, women are creating safe spaces for women to support and motivate each other, providing business and financial advice, acting as personal mentors, creating connecting opportunities and so much more.

The digital world has encouraged women to support each other with ease. This in turn creates an entire generation of empowered, educated and eager women who will continue to make an impact in this world, again, all from a cell phone.

Millennial women do not have it easy, this much I know for sure. But by taking advantage of the tools available to us and our will to collectively succeed we can continue to rise higher than before.

Welcome to our trap house.