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Have you tried to prepare a household budget? It’s stressful, isn’t it? Maybe I could help with that.

Welcome to The Broke Black Girl LLC – a financial coaching company. I help minority women piece the broken parts of their finances back together. Let’s face it - financial hardships are real and they aren’t going anywhere, unless we do something about it. I currently operate an online community of over 50,000 women that I educate and empower to achieve financial wellness daily.

In a community that large, you can only imagine the tons of information that is provided and at times that can be overwhelming for a beginner. I am here to assist you, one on one, on your journey to financial freedom as your budget coach.

One on One consultations can help fast track your progress. Hiring a professional whose has unique training, expertise and experience, can streamline your process. As your coach, I can help you minimize the risk of financial self-sabotage by acting as a voice of reason and offering a different perspective.

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