"The Broke Black Girl" is a Millennial Financial Coach For Your “Real Life” Money Problems


Hey! I’m Dasha Kennedy, better known as The Broke Black Girl. I’m a millennial financial coach whose no-B.S., real-talk coaching and strategies are helping women of color like me get ahead. By no means am I ashamed of my past financial struggle — in fact, I’ve completely embraced it.

After a tough life event made me realize how financially unprepared I was, I began sharing my own journey towards financial success on Facebook. The Broke Black Girl (BBG) Facebook group, launched in November 2017, focuses on the financial struggles facing young women of color like me, who have often been overlooked in the traditional conversations around personal finance.

Within a year the group has skyrocketed to over 60,000 women.

I have more than a decade of experience working as an accountant and default counselor. I’m leading women through discussions around different aspects of financial wellbeing.

I don't see a lot of emphasis on spending triggers or economic financial background that is leading young women to debt at an alarming rate. I've attended plenty of financial workshops or sat with many financial advisors and I've always left feeling like, 'They don't get it.'"

All across social media, most people display a polished, heavily-edited version of their lives that shows off expensive new purchases or exotic vacations, but seldom shows them clipping coupons or browsing a thrift store.

Where I found gaps in the system, I created a platform to fill them. Providing a safe space that allows me to act as an administrator and financial coach, to support women ready to take charge of their own finances.

Remember the exposition that hosted 50 minority female business owners, 900 attendees and brung in over $30,000 of revenue in one day? Ready to do it all over again? We’re back. 11/23/2019!


Coaching & Speaking Services

I enjoy coaching people on real life money issues and how to solve them. My coaching style sets a safe and comfortable tone to help my clients feel comfortable with discussing hardcore financial hardships. I can adjust to any topic as long as it revolves around money management, female entrepreneurship & empowerment, and using social media to solve community problems. I’ve consulted with clients one-on-one, taught workshops and breakout sessions, led panel discussions and speaking engagements for companies, high schools, colleges and many more empowering events and organizations. My goal is to help others fill in the gap between traditional financial coaching and real life financial coaching to completely dismantle the lack of financial literacy within our community - one social media user at a time.

Clients & Media

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Our own Dasha Kennedy been amazing on the main stage at the Facebook Communities Summit.

She was asked a tough question on authentic leadership, and handled it with such grace that the whole audience burst into applause.

- Facebook Team Lead

She’s highly motivational. She’s knowledgeable about assisting individuals becoming and sustaining financial stability and literacy. The experience in her created groups and forum has been extremely inspirational.

- Tiffany Brown, individual client

Dasha is the most down to earth person and truly believes in what she represents. I fully support her in whatever she does. She helps so many people and is a true inspiration to women all around the world.

- Samantha Whitten, individual client

Financial woes can be complex and personal to say the least. But if The BBG proves one thing, it's that you don't have to pretend to be something you're not. And having honest conversations about money and a community to overcome the struggles with together may, at the very least, reduce some of the stress or shame that being broke causes so many young Americans.

- Elite Daily

A single mother of two is determined to make a difference one Facebook user at a time.


It was a pleasure partnering with Dasha to co-host a financial literacy workshop for her community.

- Regions Bank

As we enter into week 7 and approach graduation week for our Spring 2019 Session, we continue to make sure our guys have the tools they need to thrive. Big thanks to Dasha Kennedy from The Broke Black Girl for coming to talk to our guys about the importance of budgeting.

- Mission St. Louis